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This Is How to Lower Your Electric Bill in the Summer

This Is How to Lower Your Electric Bill in the SummerPhoto from Unsplash

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This Is How to Lower Your Electric Bill in the Summer

About 20% of Americans couldn’t pay their electric bill in full at least once last year. Another 18% kept their house at a temperature that was either healthy or unsafe. With summer rolling in, learning how to lower your electric bill could feel essential.

A few small changes can help reduce your summer electric bill while allowing you to live in comfort. Read on to learn how to start saving energy and money today!

Schedule Maintenance

The best way to reduce energy expenses is to call a professional. Schedule routine HVAC maintenance at least twice a year (before summer and winter). Scheduling maintenance before harsh weather rolls in will ensure your family’s comfort.

A professional HVAC technician will ensure your unit is running efficiently. If it’s not, they can help recommend small changes to help you save energy and money.

Without routine maintenance, a component could wear down or break. The unit will push twice as hard to function, causing energy expenses to rise. The entire unit might break down, too.

Check Your Home Insulation

If air leakage occurs through cracks and openings, your HVAC unit will struggle to keep your home cool. Energy expenses will start to rise. Reduce the airflow that leaks in and out of your home.

Improving your home’s insulation will help you remain comfortable while improving the functionality of your HVAC unit.

Start with weather stripping and caulking. Use caulking to fill any openings or cracks around your window and door frames. Use weather stripping to seal operational components.

Switch Products

Talk to your HVAC technician about switching to ENERGY STAR appliances. Switching could save you $450 on your energy bills each year. ENERGY STAR products reduce greenhouse emissions and use less energy to function.

Your HVAC technician might recommend a programmable thermostat too. You can program when you’re away from home or asleep. The temperature will adjust accordingly to help you save money.

Clean the Filter

Maintain your air conditioner’s fins, filters, and coils to ensure the unit functions properly.

Start by cleaning or replacing the air filter. Clogged or dirty filters block airflow, reducing the unit’s energy efficiency.

Block the Sun

Use window treatments and coverings to block the sun’s rays from streaming into your home. Blocking sunlight can prevent your home from heating up during hot summer days.

Minimizing sun exposure can keep your home furnishings from experiencing discoloration, too.

Don’t forget to turn your ceiling fans on as well.

Discover How to Lower Your Electric Bill Today

Don’t let your home electric bill increase as outdoor temperatures rise. Instead, use these tips on how to lower your electric bill. With these tips, you can keep your home cool and comfortable through the entire summer.

Consult an experienced HVAC technician to improve your unit’s energy efficiency today.

Eager to get started before it gets any hotter? We’re here to help.

Contact our team today to get started.

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