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How to Link Instagram to Facebook Business Page

How to Link Instagram to Facebook Business PagePhoto from Pixabay


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While Facebook still dominates the social media landscape, Instagram isn’t far behind. That’s evident if you examine the growth in Meta’s revenue from their Instagram platform. What this means for your business is that it’s worth having a presence on both. But managing multiple accounts can seem daunting for busy business owners.

Fortunately, you can easily connect Instagram to your Facebook business page. That saves time and ensures that your posts reach the maximum number of fans.

This post will discuss how to link Instagram to your Facebook business page.

The Benefits of Linking Instagram to Facebook

When marketing via company social media, you must consider what results you’ll get from each new tactic. So here are some of the benefits of linking your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Maximizing Reach

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook business pages can help maximize the reach of your content on social media. By linking both accounts, you can post content on both platforms simultaneously, exposing it to a larger audience.

Additionally, you can access insights from both platforms, understand how your content performs, and make adjustments based on the data.

Furthermore, you can leverage Facebook’s advertising tools to reach even more people. Linking your accounts is a simple way to supercharge your social media presence.

Improved Interactions

Connecting your Instagram profile to your Facebook business page can help you increase engagement with your audience and customers.

Easily share content between both platforms, so your followers can easily find and interact with it. Uncover powerful analytics to understand your followers’ interests better and adjust your content accordingly.

Create targeted ads on both platforms and reach more potential customers, ultimately growing your business. Connecting your accounts can help you achieve all that.

Simpler Messaging

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook business pages can turbo-charge your marketing message and make it easy to reach a broad audience.

With one click, you can share your content with followers on both platforms to ensure your message is consistent. And that’s not all — Facebook’s powerful advertising tools help you reach even more potential customers.

Plus, you can kick your campaigns into high gear by tracking performance on both platforms, giving you valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Targeted Ads

Linking your Instagram page to your Facebook business page can help you create better, more targeted ads. It allows you to access the same audience and targeting options as you do on Facebook.

That means you can create ads tailored to the interests and demographics of those who follow your Instagram account.

Additionally, you can use the same tools to measure the effectiveness of your ads on both platforms. That helps you optimize your ad campaigns and maximize your return on investment.

Measuring Success

Linking Instagram to Facebook is a savvy way to measure your success with social media marketing.

Get real-time metrics like likes, comments, and shares, and compare post performance across both platforms.

That way, you can identify which platform is more effective for your campaigns and optimize your strategy for maximum impact. Now you have greater insight into your efforts and can better tailor them for success.

How to Link Instagram to Facebook Business Page

Technically, connecting Instagram and Facebook is straightforward. But we’ve included a few extra steps to ensure you link accounts optimally for your Instagram and Facebook marketing.

Set Up Your Account Profiles

If you haven’t done so already, your first job is to create a business profile. Set up your business for success with professional-looking profiles on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll need business accounts, not personal ones.

Invest in high-quality images to create an attractive and professional look. Then use an engaging bio to introduce your business, explain what you do, and include a call to action.

Don’t forget to add posts to your profile; you’re more likely to attract followers with a full content page. And lastly, add relevant hashtags in your profile to make your posts more discoverable and to reach a wider audience.

Ensure Consistent Branding

The power of consistent branding across Instagram and Facebook business profiles shouldn’t be underestimated.

It helps create a unified and recognizable brand identity that your followers and customers can trust and easily recognize. Plus, it eliminates confusion over what to expect from your posts, making them more effective and impactful.

Use the same logo, colors, fonts, and imagery on both platforms to make this happen. Then, employ the same tone and messaging in each post to create cohesion.

Finally, be consistent with your posting schedule; it’s essential for keeping followers engaged and keeping your brand top of mind.

Login to Facebook

You’ll need to link your accounts to make the most of the features of both Facebook and Instagram. Fortunately, it’s a simple process.

Log in to your Facebook business account using your email and password. Once logged in, you can access your business page and connect with your Instagram account.

Change Your Settings

Once logged into your Facebook account, navigate to your business page. Then, click the Settings tab at the top of the page and select the Instagram option from the left-hand menu.

After that, click the Connect Account button and log into your Instagram account. Now choose the Instagram account you want to connect to and hit the Connect button.

You have now successfully connected your Instagram account and your Facebook business page.

Check the Connected Accounts

Once you’ve made the connection, check Instagram. Ensure you can see that the accounts are correctly connected.

Invite Your Audience to Follow You

With your accounts connected, you can share content on both platforms simultaneously, ensuring you reach more potential followers.

Plus, it will enable you to measure each post’s success across the two sites, helping you determine what resonates with your audience.

Promote your accounts on each platform by posting about them, sharing content from one to the other, and encouraging your followers to follow both. Use ads to target potential followers and influencer marketing to reach a larger audience.

Test Your Account Reach

Testing your account reach on Instagram and Facebook after connecting them can help you measure your campaigns’ success and understand how your content performs on both platforms.

You can see which types of content resonate with your audience and which don’t so that you can adjust your tactics accordingly. This insight will help keep your campaigns on track and ensure you’re constantly engaging the right people.

To test the reach of your business accounts on Instagram and Facebook, you need to use Insights on Facebook.

With Insights, you have the data you need to understand the performance of your content. Both platforms provide valuable reach information, like the number of people who have seen your post, interacted with it, and even clicked away.

Look under the “Posts” tab on Instagram or the “Insights” tab on Facebook to better grasp your reach and make intelligent campaign adjustments.

Strategies for Optimizing Your Marketing Across Both Platforms

Once you have connected your accounts, your work won’t stop there. It’s time to get the most from this connection, which involves some work to optimize your social media marketing efforts.

Understand the Key Differences

You must use the best approach to suit the platform to get the most from social media. Instagram and Facebook both have notable differences.


Perhaps you want to reach and engage a younger audience on Instagram. Tailoring your messaging and visuals to the platform’s younger demographic is essential. It will help your message across in an impactful and memorable way.

With this in mind, consider what type of content resonates with your target audience. Create content tailored to the audiences’ interests.


Content is how you drive engagement. Instagram is perfect for eye-catching visuals – photos, videos, and stories. But you’ll need a different content approach on Facebook.

You can display your creativity by sharing content like text, images, and videos. By taking advantage of what each platform offers, you can maximize the impact and reach of your content.


Make sure your budget is ready for Instagram ads! While they may cost more than Facebook advertising, they can be a great way to reach a highly engaged audience.

By budgeting accordingly, you can maximize your ad spend and get the most bang for your buck.


Are you looking to make the most of your Instagram presence? Engagement is crucial to this platform, more so than Facebook. Stay on top of comments and messages, and don’t forget to connect with your followers.

Not only will it improve your relationship with those already interested in your profile, but it can attract even more followers. The more you engage, the more successful your Instagram page can become.


Are you aiming to increase your visibility and engagement on social media? Hashtags are a great way to do just that – and Instagram is the ideal platform.

But don’t count out Facebook – while it’s not as hashtag-friendly; there are still creative ways to use them to your advantage, such as branded hashtags in ad campaigns.


Analytics are essential to measuring the success of your Instagram posts—Leverage Instagram’s different insights over Facebook to adjust your strategy and maximize results.

Explore the analytics to stay ahead and ensure you get the most out of your content.

Cross Promote Content

Cross-promote your content on Instagram and Facebook to expand your reach and ensure your message is consistent. Use the same hashtags and captions to create a unified brand image and give your content a better chance of being seen by more people.

With careful planning, you can unlock the potential of both platforms and maximize your audience engagement.

Try Stories

Staying current and engaging with your followers is critical to driving traffic to your Facebook page; Instagram Stories can help you.

With Stories, you can provide followers with a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, share user-generated content, post news, and so much more. Plus, Stories are interactive, allowing you to respond directly to comments and concerns.

Use Ads

Ready to boost your social media presence on Instagram and Facebook? Running an ad campaign that appears on both platforms is the perfect way to do so.

Not only will you reach the most significant potential audience, but you’ll also reap greater rewards in terms of engagement, brand awareness, and ROI.

Post Consistently

You want to keep your followers engaged and interested in your content, so you must give them a reason to return to your profile.

Make sure to post regularly on both Instagram and Facebook! Frequent updates are vital to staying connected and building relationships with your followers.

Runs Contests

Ready to get your audience talking about your brand? Running contests on Instagram and Facebook is an effective way to drive engagement.

Not only will they be encouraged to interact with you, but they’ll also be enticed to share your message with their followers and friends. Setting up contests lets you get creative and create fun, unique formats.

Use Influencers

Make your mark on social media by tapping into influencers’ audiences. Working with influencers via sponsorship is one of the best ways to increase your visibility and generate conversations about your brand.

Get their attention and tap into the power they bring to widen your reach, build your credibility, and win over a bigger audience.

Track Your Performance

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts is the first step to tracking your performance and gaining valuable insights into what content and marketing tactics work best on either platform.

Use the analytics tools available to give your posts the boost they need.

Create a Schedule

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts helps you to organize your content and keep your feeds fresh with an automated scheduling tool. Plus, many offer advanced analytics. That helps track your growth and further develop your accounts.

Growing Your Presence on Social Media

Linking Instagram to your Facebook Business Page is a beneficial way to streamline your social media accounts. That helps ensure that your posts reach the largest audience possible.

Follow the steps outlined in this post on how to link Instagram to your Facebook business page to simplify your process.

Now that you have all the information you need to link Instagram to your Facebook Business Page, take the next step. Connect with our team at 46Mile for more business support for your social media advertising.

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