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Rejuvenetix Announces Enhanced Ozone Clinics in Scottsdale with EBOO Treatment

Rejuvenetix, a pioneering healthcare facility known for its regenerative healthcare services, has proudly announced the launch of an advanced ozone therapy called EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation & Oxygenation) at its clinic in Scottsdale. This cutting-edge treatment places Rejuvenetix among a select group of ozone clinics in Scottsdale offering this highly effective therapy.

The clinic has refined the EBOO treatment to maximize its benefits while prioritizing patient safety. During the procedure, a patient's blood is drawn, supercharged with ozone, and then returned to their body. This procedure occurs in a closed system, which allows for purifying up to 3 liters of blood per session, minimizing the risk of contamination.

Treatment frequency with EBOO Ozone Therapy is personalized, considering the patient's age, health status, and specific medical concerns. A typical plan might involve weekly treatments over a month, with the possibility of follow-up sessions every few months. Reported advantages of this therapy cover a diverse range, from increasing cognitive ability and speeding up the healing process to boosting the immune system, circulation, energy, and reducing pain and inflammation.

People dealing with various health issues such as infections, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and even those with heavy metal toxicity could potentially find relief with this treatment. Rejuvenetix has made EBOO available at $1500 per session, a competitive rate among other ozone clinics Scottsdale, thus broadening its accessibility to those in search of this trailblazing medical service.

Jonathan H. Miller, a spokesperson for Rejuvenetix, shared his excitement about the new treatment, stating, "We are thrilled to add EBOO to our array of treatments at Rejuvenetix. It embodies our dedication to offering cutting-edge and potent regenerative healthcare services. Our aim is to provide a health-altering experience that's both reachable and economical."

Moreover, Rejuvenetix continues to offer peptide therapy in Scottsdale. Utilizing specific chains of amino acids, peptide therapy supports cellular function, fostering tissue regeneration, weight management, hormone balance, and enhancing general health. Owing to its targeted nature, this therapy is recognized for its high level of effectiveness and minimal side effects.

Conditions that could benefit from peptide therapy are extensive and include muscle and joint recovery, alleviating anxiety and depression, improving sleep, and it may even offer benefits for chronic diseases such as Lyme disease and various autoimmune disorders.

Miller commented, "Peptide therapy in Scottsdale has garnered considerable interest, and we're proud to make it available in conjunction with our comprehensive regenerative health services. We ensure that each patient receives a treatment plan tailored to their specific health needs, increasing the chances for notable health benefits."

Rejuvenetix prides itself on its customized healthcare approach, collaborating with compounding pharmacies to create personalized medications for patients, and providing both in-office and mobile services.

Continually striving to lead the health and wellness industry, Rejuvenetix grows its service offerings, remains focused on regenerative health innovation, and invests in quality, scientifically supported treatments. Anyone interested in the pioneering EBOO Ozone Therapy or peptide therapy in Scottsdale is encouraged to reach out to Rejuvenetix for additional information or to schedule a consultation.


For more information about Rejuvenetix, contact the company here:

Jonathan H. Miller
2922 N 70th St Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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