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10 Best Meme Coins to Buy 2023 - New Meme Coin Projects

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Did you know that Shiba Inu appreciated by 43.8M% in 2021, making life-changing profits for many investors? Following in the footsteps of such meme coin giants are a handful of new cryptos with huge potential.

With this in mind, you might be wondering how you can find the next Doge or Shiba Inu coin. If so, you are in the right place. We will run through the best meme coins to buy for 2023 that could lead to massive profits. Let’s begin.

Top Meme Coins to Buy 2023 List

Knowing where to start when finding the best meme coins to invest in is tricky, so we put together this list of meme coins with the most potential for 2023.

  1. Love Hate Inu - Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin to Buy in 2023

  2. Tamadoge - Top Meme Coin With Play-to-Earn Rewards

  3. Shiba Inu - Most Popular Meme Coin With Real-World Utility

  4. LeverageInu - Best Meme-Fi Coin on the Arbitrum Chain

  5. Akita Inu - Best Cross-Chain Meme Coin Ecosystem With High Potential

  6. Dogecoin - The OG Meme Coin With a Wallet Service

  7. SafeMoon Inu - Exciting P2E Crypto Gives 2% Of Transaction Fees to Holders

  8. Metacade - Best Community-Driven Metaverse Meme Coin

  9. Monacoin - The Most Popular Japanese Cryptocurrency Developed in 2013

  10. Dogelon Mars - Top Crypto Dedicated To Elon Musk

A Detailed Look at the Best Meme Coins for 2023

This section will explain each coin, the key features, tokenomics and much more.

1.Love Hate Inu - Best Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin to Buy in 2023

Over the past year, meme coins have begun honing in on the things that work while adding new features to future-proof themselves. With this in mind, we believe Love Hate Inu is the best meme coin for 2023 and also the best presale crypto available right now.

It is the newest crypto meme coin project and focuses on community-first features like voting so holders can decide the project's direction. One of the main selling points of meme coin projects is that they have strong communities, so Love Hate Inu’s community-driven approach gives it tremendous potential.

The project has a Stake-to-Vote mechanism where users can vote in polls on important matters by staking their coins. In the future, they will release Vote-to-Earn and a mechanism where users can create their own polls.

On the surface, Love Hate Inu is just a meme coin, but the idea behind it is a transparent public voting system on a community-centric protocol. One of the most significant issues many DAOs face is that people do not actually participate in voting; on the other hand, Love Hate Inu’s meme coin approach means they have a highly engaged community.

According to the whitepaper there are 100,000,000,000 Love Hate Inu tokens in total, with 90% being sold at the presale. This means the community will hold most of the tokens, and the project will be truly decentralized.

Love Hate Inu has already raised over $120K USDT and has been voted the best new meme coin for 2023, so its popularity will likely explode in the coming months. Currently, the project is in stage one presale, with a token price of just $0.000085 USDT each. Following the IEO, it will cost $0.000145 USDT, making it a 70.5% markup from its current price.

Because the project is currently in its very early stages, it could be the next meme cryptocurrency to explode in 2023. Being in its stage one presale means it's very cheap, and many crypto experts are touting it as one of the top meme coins this year.

The most exciting thing about the project is its long-term potential. The reason for this is It makes on-chain voting much more straightforward and more fun. This could result in Love Hate Inu becoming the go-to crypto voting protocol for everything from changes to the crypto network to political voting.

Similarly to some other meme coins like Shiba Inu, Love Hate Inu is a high-utility crypto, which could lead to unprecedented long-term growth.

The project is still in its presale, so you can only buy it on the Love Hate Inu website while the supply lasts!

Visit Love Hate Inu Today

2. Tamadoge - Top Meme Coin With Play-to-Earn and Three Games

Based on the most popular meme coin, Dogecoin, Tamadoge aims to combine the virality of meme coins with real utility while giving back to the community through P2E. It has recently been voted one of the best cryptos under $1.

Despite the bear market, the project has been making headlines recently as it has continued its rollout of games and metaverse developments and its immensely successful presale. Most recently, the Tamadoge dev team launched its third game, “To The Moon.”

The Tamadoge ecosystem allows you to buy, breed and trade Tamadoge pets; you can compete in games against other players with your pets to earn rewards. The TAMA token enables you to purchase pets from the Tamadoge store.

TAMA has a hard cap of 2 billion tokens and a current circulating supply of just over 1 billion, with a long unlocking schedule of up to 10 years for 600 million coins. Ultimately, this means there will be no supply shocks in the near future which could temporarily push its price down.

The great thing about Tamadoge is its ability to generate real cash flow through the Tamadoge store. Therefore, the project is not reliant on an inflationary token to keep the project running. In other words, it makes the project much more sustainable than many other meme coins.

Despite its immense popularity and substantial social media following, Tamadoge has a market cap of $14 million. This puts it in the small to mid-cap range, meaning prices can climb up to 20% or more in one day. With this in mind, Tamadoge is an exciting prospect for being one of the best new meme coins in 2023, and its price could quickly explode in the short term.

Looking ahead into the mid to long-term horizon, the Tamadoge team has a lot planned, including an AR game, the Tamaverse and much more. Therefore, we also suspect it's among the best crypto coins for long-term growth.

Visit Tamadoge Now

3. Shiba Inu - Most Popular Meme Coin With Real-World Utility

A pseudonymous individual, who we know as Ryoshi, created Shiba Inu in 2020, where it was first touted as a “Dogecoin killer.” Since its inception, the coin has exploded in price astronomically, becoming one of the top 10 cryptos in 2021. However, it's now 2023, so does Shiba Inu still have a future?

The short answer is yes. Although we are still in the later stages of a bear market, Shiba Inu has continued making headlines and proving that the power of the community behind the coin makes it one of the best crypto investments.

Since its creation, the Shiba Inu ecosystem has gone from a single Ethereum-based meme token to a multi-layered ecosystem that recently deployed its own layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network, plus much more.

Regarding short-term potential, Shiba Inu already has a large market cap of $6 billion, so there is less room for growth within the months ahead. On the other hand, the coin is renowned as one of the most popular meme coins and considering its continuous innovations; it has enormous long-term potential.

4. LeverageInu- Top Meme-Fi Coin on the Arbitrum Chain

LeverageInu is an advanced passive trading protocol disguised as a meme coin, or as the LEVI team calls it, Meme-fi. The project has a team of expert traders who yield farm staked tokens and then use the generated fees to leverage trade before distributing the profits back to holders.

The project also has a meme element with a Shiba Inu dog as its logo. Ultimately, LeverageInu is developing a solid brand through the meme aspect while providing its users with real passive income through a transparent and advanced DeFi strategy.

The LEVI token has a total supply of 1 million tokens. There is a circulating supply of 980000, so there are no upcoming supply shocks. Moreover, the coin sits at a market cap of just under $1 million, so there is plenty of room to grow.

Another exciting thing about the LEVI token is that it is on the Arbitrum chain, which has exploded in popularity recently. With this in mind, it is well suited to become the best meme cryptocurrency to invest in on the Artbitrum chain.

Also, its real-yield strategy means the project does not need to rely on inflationary tokens to further its development; this means that it can potentially explode in price in the long term due to less sell pressure.

5. Akita Inu - Best Cross-Chain Meme Coin Ecosystem With High Potential

Sometimes referred to as Dogecoin’s little brother, Akita Inu began as a meme coin but, similarly to Shiba Inu, has developed into an entire DAO ecosystem.

Akita Inu is unique because it aims to solve one of crypto's main issues, interoperability. The project started on Ethereum but has now also bridged over to Avalanche so that you can buy with much less gas fees.

Using two blockchains means the Akita community can leverage both networks for their benefits while being part of an exciting, fast-growing meme project.

The coin has a market cap of just over $15 million, so there is plenty of room for future growth. The project claims that they sent the Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, half of the total coin supply, meaning there should not be much sell pressure on the coin as it's unlikely Vitalik will sell.

Aikita Inu also has a built-in mechanism where some transaction fees are burned. So far, the project has burned 7.82% of the total supply.

With this in mind, as time goes on, fewer coins will be available, and because the project's popularity is rising, the price could increase massively.

6. Dogecoin - The OG Meme Coin With A Wallet Service

What started as a joke became one of the world's most popular cryptos, with the backing of many highly influential people such as Elon Musk. The project began as a satirical version of Bitcoin based on the Doge meme circulating at the time of its creation but quickly became a hit in the crypto community.

Dogecoin has developed a robust P2P ecosystem with a wallet service so holders can store their DOGE in a secure self-custody wallet explicitly designed for Dogecoin.

One of the advantages of buying Dogecoin is that it is the most popular meme coin and one of the most popular cryptos. This means it is more likely to succeed long term. Today, the project has a market cap of $8 billion and a coin price of $0.06575, with its all-time high being $0.7376, meaning it’s down 91.09%, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

However, there is less room for short-term growth than other coins on the list, such as Tamadoge and Love Hate Inu. Nonetheless, Dogecoin’s developers are constantly innovating, and with stakeholders such as Elon Musk being involved, it's one of the best meme coins that will explode long-term.

7. SafeMoon Inu - Exciting P2E Crypto Gives 2% Of Transaction Fees to Holders

Are you looking for a meme coin that puts its community first? If so, you should check out SafeMoon Inu. While all meme coins are community-driven projects, SafeMoon Inu takes this further by distributing 2% of fees on its crypto transactions to holders and also has a Play-to-Earn game to reward players for gaming.

The project's transaction fees come from an “anti-paper hand” tax where selling the coin incurs a transaction tax which is distributed to holders. This means HODLers are rewarded, but paper hands are punished. Theoretically, this should dry supply over time and increase the coin’s price.

The crypto is priced at $0.000001438 with a market cap of $1.4 million. The project's all-time high is $0.0002603, meaning its current price is down 99.5%. Considering its P2E game and current low cost, it is likely that the coin is undervalued and could see some exciting short-term growth when the market begins to pick up.

On the other hand, the massive price dip has shown investors might not be as confident in SafeMoon Inu as other tokens on the list that have performed well despite the bear market, such as Tamadoge. With this in mind, the long-term ROI potential of SafeMoon Inu might be lower than some other coins on the list.

8. Metacade - Top Community-Driven Metaverse Meme Coin

Metacade is a community-driven web3 metaverse hub where users can hang out, interact and earn crypto. It features a lot of fun and engaging graphics and has a substantial social media presence with a big focus on meme culture.

One of the most exciting things about Metacade is that users can earn through “side hustles”, which help benefit the project. This creates a positive feedback loop that benefits both the user and the project.

The project is currently in its stage 6 presale, priced at $0.017 and has already raised almost $10 million. So far, Metacade has sold over 800 million tokens, and there are only 49 million tokens left. Therefore, now is a great time to buy this crypto.

The project has plenty of short and long-term potential, especially considering it’s still in its early stages. However, while Metacade is still one of the best new meme coins in 2023, its online community is not as strong as other projects.

Therefore, Love Hate Inu might be better if you want a project with stronger branding and a high growth potential.

9. Monacoin - The Most Popular Japanese Cryptocurrency Developed in 2013

Monacoin first came into existence in 2013, the same year as Dogecoin, making it the first-ever Japanese cryptocurrency. It’s a proof-of-work meme coin mainly used for P2P transactions and tipping.

Monacoin is based on the popular ASCII art character, Mona.

As the Asian crypto market grows, new investors will likely want a way into meme coin action, so Monacoin could be one of the meme coins that will explode.

The exciting thing about Monacoin is that investors have erected shrines and web applications to appreciate the coin. It is well-rooted in Japanese culture, so with Japan’s population being over 100 million, we believe this crypto has plenty of long-term potential.

The project is the most famous Japanese cryptocurrency and exploded in popularity when a man was featured on a Tokyo news channel for buying a piece of land with Monacoin.

Today, the crypto has a market cap of $29 million and a fully diluted market cap of $46 million. Its current price is $0.443, with an all-time high of $20.23. This means the project is down 97.81% from its ATH, and although it might never reach that height again, there will still be plenty of upside in the next bull market and beyond for Monacoin.

10. Dogelon Mars - Top Crypto Dedicated To Elon Musk

Due to his fondness of memes and appreciation of Dogecoin, Elon Musk unexpectedly and accidentally became the internet’s most renowned meme coiner. As a result, many new meme coins dedicated to the world’s richest man exploded, with one being Dogelon Mars.

The meme coin features a fun comic book saga that follows “dog elon” on an epic adventure to mars. With Elon continuing to rise in popularity in the crypto community, especially since purchasing Twitter, there could be a big future for Dogelon Mars.

With a market cap currently $182 million and a coin price of $0.0000003311, a single meme coin-related Tweet from Elon could launch the cryptos price much higher. With this in mind, the project is a slightly higher-risk play, but it does have a lot of mid-term potential due to its relation to Elon Musk and its significant social media presence.

Dogelon Mars has over 400K Twitter followers, and although it's currently down 98% from its ATH, it still receives massive engagement on Twitter. This suggests the coin could be a sleeping giant and one of the best meme crypto coins to invest in while the price is so low.

Nonetheless, Dogelon Mars has not performed as well in the bear market as in a project like Tamadoge, which outperformed many top cryptos.

How to Find the Hottest New Meme Coins

Now that we have explored the top 10 meme coins let’s run through some considerations you should take to find the best ones to invest in.


The best way to make massive ROI is by getting into a project early. The easiest way to get into projects before everyone else is to join presales; the best presale happening now with the highest potential is the Love Hate Inu presale.

Social Media

Because meme coins are community-driven, one of the best ways to find the hottest new ones is on social media. You can easily find the strongest communities by scrolling your social media feeds. In the past, coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin would do “raids” on influencers' posts.

For example, Tamadoge is currently amassing a substantial following on social media with over 60K followers, which shows it's developing a fantastic community and is a crypto to watch going forwards. Similarly, the Love Hate Inu Telegram group has over 11k members.


Media and news outlets often pick up good meme coins, so a simple Google search for “newest meme coins” would help you find the best-emerging meme cryptos. A great example is that Love Hate Inu has been touted as one of the best new meme coins in 2023 by multiple media sources lately.


Despite being in a bear market, Love Hate Inu has already raised over $400k during its trending presale. But could this viral V2E meme coin match Dogecoin’s performance?

Meme coins such as LHINU offer real utility while also taking advantage of gaps in the crypto market. Moreover, as 90% of the tokens will be sold during the presale, Love Hate Inu could 10x before the next bull market. Follow the link below and add LHINU tokens to your portfolio today!

Visit Love Hate Inu Today

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