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Teradata AI Unlimited Microsoft Fabric Workload Now Available in Private Preview

New software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment for AI Unlimited includes embedded notebook and rapid start use cases to fuel Trusted AI innovation

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) announced today at Microsoft Build that Teradata AI Unlimited, the company’s on-demand AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) workload, is now available in private preview in Microsoft Fabric. Teradata AI Unlimited in Microsoft Fabric extends user freedom to innovate with frictionless, on-demand access to ClearScape Analytics, empowering exploration, discovery and building of new AI innovations and use cases. And because users access Teradata AI Unlimited natively within the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem -- paying only for time spent -- AI Unlimited is designed to eliminate the fear of cost overruns and makes it easier and faster to move from breakthrough ideas, to testing, to real production environments.

“Teradata believes in a world where data scientists and developers are free to explore, experiment, and operationalize groundbreaking AI use cases,” said Daniel Spurling, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Teradata. “AI Unlimited in Microsoft Fabric continues our unwavering commitment to fostering AI innovation within the developer community. We first unveiled AI Unlimited at Microsoft Ignite in Q4 2023 as an original design partner, and since then, we’ve been working tirelessly with Microsoft Fabric to transform AI Unlimited into an integrated workload in Fabric. Today, we’re proud to deliver on this joint effort. As a workload in Fabric, AI Unlimited provides analytic explorers and developers with a comprehensive suite of AI/ML capabilities through ClearScape Analytics, all within a scalable and efficient environment."

Teradata AI Unlimited already makes it easy for users to adopt because of its low commitment (e.g., pay-as-you-go) and on-demand user experience. Teradata AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric reduces user-adoption friction even more as it eliminates the configuration steps an engine requires and instead provides the software on demand when the user is ready to engage. The Microsoft Fabric environment facilitates developer productivity using AI Unlimited capabilities in an easy to use and intuitive self-service interface. This gives users direct access to add new notebooks and enables them to explore analytic use cases and create new AI models and visualizations. AI Unlimited will be available alongside native Fabric engines and can leverage data in Microsoft Fabric OneLake.

“The availability of Teradata AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric enables organizations to deploy analytics from both providers in minutes and, through rapid AI experimentation and innovation, to deliver insights,” said Dipti Borkar, Vice President & General Manager at Microsoft.

AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric is prepopulated with an embedded notebook that seamlessly connects to ClearScape Analytics and includes several use cases that demonstrate the power of the offer, including:

  • Financial customer journey
    • Teradata AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric empowers users to easily understand and enhance customer journeys with best-in-class data harmonization, machine learning, AI, and analytics capabilities.
      • Quickly analyze millions of digital and in-person touchpoints
      • Measure marketing effectiveness and performance across channels
      • Identify prospective customers
      • Accelerate customer conversions
      • Create more relevant, authentic experiences
      • Track and adapt to customer buying patterns
      • Discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Customer behavior analysis
    • Customer data can be challenging to analyze because it’s stored in disconnected silos, or large volumes of data make timely, accurate analysis impossible. With AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric users can get critical insights on customer behavior.
      • Increase revenue with more seamless conversions
      • Drive sales through new leads
      • Reduce costs by improving operational efficiencies
      • Quickly identify and eliminate friction points
      • Easily create proactive customer service and marketing outreach
  • Customer segmentation
    • Teradata AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric users can leverage highly scalable native processing functions to create ideal customer segments using word embeddings and clustering algorithms.
      • Combine embedded ClearScape Analytics functions with advanced AI/ML techniques to find the ideal number of customer segments
      • Segmentation can be used on its own for marketing and other tasks, or used in further predictive analytics use cases
  • Data preparation
    • With Teradata AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric, users can leverage the massively parallel processing architecture of Teradata VantageCloud, combined with over 150 native functions to create rapid, seamless, and repeatable data transformation pipelines that will process a nearly unlimited amount of data at speed and scale.
      • Prepared data can then be integrated directly with Azure services (e.g., Enterprise Feature Store, Azure Machine Learning, or other development services) by staging data directly in Azure Data Lake Store or OneLake
      • Native capabilities in AI Unlimited enable developers and other AI/ML practitioners to reduce data prep time by 70% or more

Availability: AI Unlimited workload in Microsoft Fabric will be available in private preview in June 2024.

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