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California Based Method Seven Offers High Quality Pilot Glasses

Santa Cruz, California -

Method Seven, a small business based in Santa Cruz, California, offers premium pilot glasses for discerning customers. Performance aviator sunglasses made by Method Seven are also available with progressive, bifocal, and single vision prescriptions.

For the best visual experience while flying, pilots can depend on Method Seven pilot sunglasses to get the job done right. Method Seven glasses utilize thirteen proprietary coatings that work together to reduce glare, enhance clarity, and balance colors. Technologically advanced notch filters increase contrast, allowing for ease when reading flight instruments and spotting potential traffic conflicts. Plus, all Method Seven aviation glasses are designed to block UV and infrared heat energy to ensure pilots' eyes stay cool and focused throughout flights, regardless of duration. With top-notch lenses housed in hand-tooled Japanese titanium frames and compatibility with flight helmets and headsets, Method Seven eyewear provides everything a pilot could be looking for in a pair of aviators.

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Method Seven specializes in precision optics made just for aviators. There are three main categories of pilot sunglasses offered by Method Seven: the mineral glass SKY series, the polymer FLT series, and the prescription Rx series. Each lens series has unique qualities tailored to the requirements and preferences of individual pilots. Even their prescription aviator sunglasses have top-of-the-line lenses with notch filtering technology for unparalleled contrast, clarity, and performance. The Rx prescription aviators are made of a sturdy polymer and have two premium coatings that are tailored to fit a wearer’s progressive, single vision, or bifocal prescription. Along with the company's flagship advanced notch filtering technology, Rx lenses have a VLT of 24%, which is ideal for prescription eyewear and eyes that need high levels of light. Enhanced contrast, unattainable clarity, and complete protection from UV and infrared make these performance glasses top-tier, impact-resistant, custom prescription lenses.

As stated on their website, various VLT, or visible light transmission levels, are available for Method Seven glasses. Higher-percentage VLT eyeglasses have lenses with a lighter tint. This means the lens allows more light to reach the wearer’s eye. A wearer can expect to get all of the benefits of wearing sunglasses, including all of the light their eyes need for safe operation of an aircraft. For pilots who need more light in darker cockpits, lenses with a 24–30% VLT are the lightest options. The brand’s intermediate VLT is 18%. With a VLT of 15% recommended by the FAA, Method Seven’s VLT of 18% is suitable for most pilots and conditions. The darkest VLT option is 9% and is perfect for flying in clear skies with harsh sunlight or over highly reflective conditions such as snow cover or open water.

The Ascent Aviator is one of Method Seven’s top-selling eyewear models, seamlessly combining modernized aviator styling with cutting-edge frame engineering. The team has created a lightweight, strong, and flexible titanium alloy frame that ensures ultimate comfort for pilots, even during the longest flights. The temple pieces are thin enough to fit comfortably under any flight helmet or headset. The Ascent Aviator incorporates aerospace-grade titanium, which is hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for most pilots and types of flying. With high-quality construction and innovative improvements to the traditional aviator design, the Ascent Aviator is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, both inside and outside the cockpit.

Specially designed aviation sunglasses aim to protect pilots' eyes from high-energy rays and intense light. At high altitudes, pilots are exposed to more ultraviolet rays and harmful radiation that can penetrate both their skin and eyes, making them particularly vulnerable to optical damage. In addition to ocular health impacts, brightness can cause glare, leading to strain, fatigue, and headaches, which are not only uncomfortable but can affect decision-making, which is essential for safe flight.

Selecting protective eyewear for pilots involves considering multiple factors, including materials, filters, coatings, compatibility with headsets or flight helmets, VLT, and design, just to name a few. This makes sense, as vision is as crucial to safe flying as proper control inputs are when it comes to maintaining a heading and altitude, regardless of whether one is a commercial pilot, military pilot, or just enjoys general aviation. Therefore, the FAA has created specific requirements for visual acuity, including the use of polarized lenses, that are well known throughout the industry and officially documented. Furthermore, military pilot sunglasses must adhere to guidelines set forth by the US Department of Defense. Accordingly, it is essential to wear appropriate sunglasses, even if the wearer's vision is perfect, to ensure compliance with these requirements and to provide optimal eye protection.

Method Seven is a team of collaborative scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers dedicated to maximizing the potential of human vision through mastery of the visible light spectrum. The company specializes in designing premium eyewear for individuals who require exceptional visual acuity in demanding circumstances, such as pilots flying at high speeds and growers working under high-wattage lights. Method Seven combines American ingenuity with the best engineering practices from Germany, Italy, and Japan to create its eyewear products. These options not only enhance vision but also the wearer's appearance and ocular health. Through experimentation in the lab and rigorous testing in the field, Method Seven constantly pushes visual boundaries to create better frames and lenses for everyone. The company's motto, "Vision Above All," encapsulates its commitment to prioritizing vision in everything it does.

To learn more about Method Seven and their products, interested parties may visit their official website. They can also be contacted via phone or email.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

Method Seven
James Cox
(831) 600-7455
1010 Fair Ave suite K, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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