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BookTrib's Bites: Potpourri of History, Creativity, Women's Rights and Investing

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by Dyanna Morrison

What if our founding fathers could witness two recent court cases involving First Amendment protections and abuses? That's the basis of "Justice," the first of three thought-provoking plays in a trilogy, following the struggles and triumphs of newly seated Judge Grace Porter, with our framers watching through a one-way window in the courtroom.

The storyline artfully weaves between the present and the past, and as the proceedings unfold, it is interspersed with the thought processes our founding fathers used in framing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that continue to steer the course of our democracy."Justice" conveys a palpable sense of hope that one strong and righteous mind can make the difference in changing our course of events. Book Excellence Award Finalist March 2021 -- Performing Arts category. Purchase at

To Dream in Daylight"To Dream in Daylight"
by Candace J. Thomas

From childhood, Adri and Simon have always been there for each other, through every loss, triumph, joy and heartbreak. But there's one catch: they've only ever met in their dreams. Each of them thinks the other one is just a figment of their imagination. But what if they weren't?

All it takes is one video clip to change their lives forever. When timid Adri finds herself going viral overnight thanks to an embarrassing video, all she wants to do is disappear forever. But on the other side of the country in Portland, Simon sees the video and realizes for the first time that his soulmate is real. Purchase at

Lemons in The Garden of Love"Lemons in The Garden of Love"
by Ames Sheldon

 It's 1977 and Cassie Lyman, a graduate student in women's history, is struggling to find a topic for her doctoral dissertation. When she discovers a trove of drawings, suffrage cartoons, letters, and diaries at Smith College belonging to Kate Easton, founder of the Birth Control League of Massachusetts in 1916, she believes she has located her subject.

 Digging deeper into Kate's life, Cassie learns that she and Kate are related -- closely. Driven to understand why her family has never spoken of Kate, Cassie travels to Cape Ann to attend her sister's shotgun wedding, where she questions her female relatives about Kate -- only to find herself soon afterward in the same challenging situation Kate faced. Purchase at

Digital Greed"Digital Greed"
by J. Thomas

 A $200 investment into Bitcoin in 2012 drags JT into the wild west of cryptocurrency trading. A sophomore in college, he must learn to navigate perhaps the world's most dangerous market: unprecedented price volatility, the uncertain future of cryptocurrencies, and a labyrinth of fraudsters at every turn.

 JT uses everything he knows to develop a unique trading strategy to accommodate periods of rapid growth and decline at a time when cryptocurrency was largely dismissed and ridiculed by the mainstream investor community. "Digital Greed" is an inspirational autobiography written to motivate traders - new to trading or not - to find their niche, develop unique trading strategies, and to never stop learning. Purchase at

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