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How the ALIVE Program Can Help Businesses with Senate Bill 553

How Law Security & Investigations Inc. can help businesses comply with the new law. The importance of the new California Senate Bill 553, and the role of the ALIVE program in enhancing workplace safety.


How the ALIVE Program Can Help Businesses with Senate Bill 553

Los Angeles 20 JUNE 2024- California has introduced Senate Bill 553 (SB 553) to enhance protections for workers against workplace violence. This landmark legislation mandates that most employers develop and implement a written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP).

In 2022 the California Department of Justice reported an increase in robberies, and the Los Angeles Police Department reported an increase in assaults and shoplifting. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported 761 workplace violence fatalities in 2021 and 849 in 2022.

According to a 2022 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are over one million non-fatal workplace violence incidents and hundreds of fatal ones each year. Only 39% of incidents are reported to authorities.

Understanding Senate Bill 553

SB 553 was enacted to provide workers with the same level of protection against workplace violence that healthcare workers in California already receive. The law mandates three key actions: developing a workplace violence prevention plan, conducting workplace violence training, and maintaining a detailed log of violent incidents.

The prevention plan must outline clear procedures for reporting violence, prohibiting retaliation, communicating effectively about incidents, identifying hazards, responding to incidents, and regularly reviewing the plan.

Each incident of workplace violence must be recorded in a violent incident log, which is essential for legal compliance.

The ALIVE Program: A Solution for Workplace Violence Prevention

Law Security & Investigations Inc. (LSI) proudly offers the ALIVE program, a comprehensive training solution designed to help businesses meet these new requirements and ensure a safer work environment.

The ALIVE program (Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, Expose) is an active shooter survival training course designed to equip employees with the knowledge and skills to survive an active shooter situation. By integrating this program into their WVPP, employers can significantly enhance their preparedness and response capabilities.

Key Components of the ALIVE Program

Assess: Employees are taught to stay calm, evaluate their surroundings, and formulate a plan based on the current situation.

Leave: If possible, employees should evacuate the area to avoid danger, leaving their belongings behind.

Impede: If evacuation is not an option, employees should find a secure place to hide and block the assailant's access.

Violence: As a last resort, employees are trained to defend themselves using available tools.

Expose: Once the danger has passed, employees should calmly identify themselves to law enforcement and first responders.

Training Objectives

The ALIVE program aims to:

Identify behaviors, causes, and red flags associated with workplace violence and active shooter incidents.

Enhance understanding of the mental processes of an assailant during an active shooter event.

Develop situational awareness and a survival mindset.

Train employees to respond safely and effectively in critical situations.

State-Funded Safety Grants

Businesses may be eligible for state-funded safety grants to implement these training programs and secure their premises. These grants can help cover the costs of training, security improvements, and other necessary measures to comply with SB 553.

Expert Insight

According to Donavan Gallatin, President of Law Security & Investigations Inc., "Every business and workplace needs to protect their employees nationwide. It just so happens that California is leading the way since a California Senator was very passionate about gun violence and workplace safety. The consensus among security professionals is that this will very soon become a law in every state and possibly a federal requirement, and that California is actually ahead of the curve on this issue of workplace violence prevention."

About Law Security & Investigations Inc.

Law Security & Investigations Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and organizations. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, LSI offers a range of services, including executive protection, corporate security, investigations, and specialized training programs like ALIVE.

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