Roger Bendelac shares further comments in the matter of SEC vs. Trends Investments Inc. et al..

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New York City, New York Aug 18, 2022 ( - August 17th, 2022

The Securities and Exchange Commission is a civil agency that does refer criminal matters to the Justice Department when and if required.

However, when the SEC makes it a habit of conducting so called parallel investigations with the Justice Department, it is necessary that these investigations be separate and not commingled if one wants to ensure respect for the  4th Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

 If David Scheffler from the Boston office ever calls you, it is recommended to absolutely abstain from any conversation with him. He has shown a penchant for distortion and immediate escalation.

Meaning of  the 8th Amendment

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, but also mentions "excessive fines" and bail.

When the above persons, go to the employer of a family member and act in a way to get the family member fired to reach at the economic ability of their target, it is an excessive fine imposed without due process.

 Mr. Bendelac stated": "When the SEC issues a boasting press release on "CHARGES" full of false information, then it is an attempt at further violate the 8th amendment as they know the extreme toll on the accused that has not had a chance to respond. The economic consequences are devastating.

 When FINRA targets the family member of the target with the power of economic life and death and waits 2 full year to bring a so-called disciplinary action that is in violation of human rights since it was intended to deprive the person of employment with the full power of the SEC manipulating behind, we are no longer talking regular stuff here, we are talking DICTATORSHIP and POLICE STATE by an unconstitutional organization since FINRA is not responsible to Congress.

It is time the SEC cleans up its barn at the Boston District and it is time that ambitious Civil Servants that left the SEC to move to the DA and that SEC agents that left the DA office to move to the SEC stop confusing who their employer is, and cease and desist from violating private citizens rights outside of their districts.

In this case, they completely connect unrelated trading to private sales by third parties alleging a fraudulent conduct from the third parties in order to get the securities laws in play and manufacture violations." 

Roger Bendelac further states: "The fraud on the Court is massive and SEC Agent David Scheffler is not protecting the investing public but inflicting wrongly aimed pain to innocent parties."


Roger Bendelac quotes from the police cop on the beat, the so-called SEC that only sued one single immigrant banker for the 2008 fiasco. The so-called SEC that miserably failed to protect investors then. But in Boston, they associate legitimate trading to actions by third parties that are fully unrelated and make up as a priority the destruction of individuals at the crepuscule of their lives and career.

So, let us read the boasting of the SEC:

"The SEC's Enforcement Division is the cop on the beat for America's securities laws," said Chair Gary Gensler. "As these results show, we go after misconduct wherever we find it in the financial system, holding individuals and companies accountable, without fear or favor, across the $100-plus trillion capital markets we oversee."

"This year has seen a number of critically important and first-of-their-kind enforcement actions, as well as record-breaking achievements for our whistleblower program, which we expect will lead to even more successful actions in the future," said Gurbir S. Grewal, Director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement. "Undeterred by the challenges of the pandemic, the dedicated public servants in the Enforcement Division have continued to overcome obstacles to bring these cases that protect investors and promote market integrity." That destroy innocent middle-class families and destroy after entire lives lived honestly Me. Grewal.

The facts are that at the current SEC they are wasting taxpayers' money going against some defendants of the so-called case vs. Trends Investments Inc by lying and distorting facts. They destroyed the economic survival of an entire family based on approximative allegations and emotional hate in the way they behaved with a brutality that only exists in dictatorship for the protection of phantom investors since there are zero connections  between the defendants alleged to have aided and abetted and the primary defendants for a total amount much lower than the legal costs that will be incurred in the extreme savagery of the Enforcement Group in Boston that has violated basic decency by attacking private innocent citizens and by protecting violations of billionaires through the camaraderie of enforcement people, FINRA and rogue law enforcement and piling up with unexpected violence on a woman that was underpaid and discriminated against but utterly destroyed by the complicity of SEC Enforcement applying savage influence on FINRA enforcement, paragons of injustice.  Mr. David Scheffler is the rogue agent behind that form of violence. Hopefully, the Federal Court will not allow these rogue acts of the SEC to remain with no corrective consequences for that agency.

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