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Optimize and De-traumatize the Creative Brain in a Day with Matt Follows

Optimize and De-traumatize the Creative Brain in a Day with Matt Follows
Introducing the Single-Session Breakthrough for Leaders, CEOs, and A-Listers

Those who carry the mantle of leadership face a barrage of problems, expectations, and pressure—pressure that, without the proper training, can bog down their subconscious minds and cause them to become tired, anxious, and unproductive. These leaders, executives, and type-A A-listers often possess all of the head knowledge and experience in the world but lack one very precious resource—time. They need help getting their brains to fire on all cylinders but don’t have the capacity for long, drawn-out coaching sessions that yield minimal progress—if any at all.

Enter Matt Follows, with his groundbreaking Magic Bullet Method® that has been called the "Bugatti Veyron of psychological breakthroughs”, and has become the go-to solution for time-strapped leaders seeking profound results without the fluff of traditional coaching programs. With a concise but transformative program focused on optimizing the creative brain, Matt helps professionals peel back all of the garbage preventing them from achieving peak performance, realizing their full potential, and leaving the ultimate legacy.

With over 28 years in the creative space and 20 years in peak performance psychology, clinical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, and neuropsychology, Matt has emerged as one of the most internationally recognized experts on the creative brain. His work has been showcased across several mainstream media platforms, including Forbes, Campaign, Cannes, and others. Before branching out as an executive coach in 2012, Matt was a complex trauma specialist for lawyers, doctors, billionaires, and other higher-ups. Today, he’s a trusted partner to Fox, National Geographic, Universal Music, Toyota, Lexus, and Bentley, among other global brands.

Unlike self-help “gurus” who have cluttered the self-development space with ineffective motivational rah-rah, Matt stands out, offering a clear path to eliminating the barriers holding leaders back from their true potential. Now, he is making this transformational method available in the form of a one-time coaching session for leaders who may be cash-rich but time-poor. During this concentrated and digestible one-on-one meeting, Matt helps the leader pressure-proof their brain, unlock unbreakable states of flow, and resolve a wide range of trauma and addictions.

Rather than requiring one to attend multiple sessions that yield less-than-optimal results, Matt bypasses all of the “fluff” that is common with far too many of today’s gimmicky coaching programs. With a knack for digging deep and tackling the heart of an issue, Matt’s fast, profound, and nonfiltered approach is the most time-effective solution for leaders, CEOs, and A-listers who, frankly, don’t have the patience for nonsense.

To book a one-on-one breakthrough session with Matt today, click here. To learn more about Matt, his methodology, and coaching services, visit his website

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