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TNC Crypto M&A Reaches New Milestone: TNC Coin To Be Listed on April 30th

By: Zexprwire

TNC IT Group recently announced the listing of its cryptocurrency TNC Coin on April 30th on various crypto exchanges. The identities of the exchange platforms have not yet been disclosed. But according to TNC, it will be revealed with detailed information to the public shortly. This digital currency is an integral part of the Crypto M&A program. After listing, it will be used in a massive token swap with the merged projects. By applying the swap process, TNC will absorb various exchange listings and large scale of users.

Listing the TNC Coin on the crypto exchanges is the only missing milestone to officialize the latest merge via a token swap. The company promises to unify the cryptocurrency world through a mass-scale merge of about 500 cryptocurrencies and guarantees that the value of the TNC Coin will be significantly higher than the merger company’s token. TNC value will incline with the momentum created by the initial launching of the token swap that will expand rapidly in the crypto market.

After listing TNC Coin on multiple crypto exchanges, TNC will continuously process the token swap to merge the company’s users. The company will designate a grade-based percentage of tokens to companies that have completed the first phase of the merge: Bankex, EDGE, Krios, BitEther, and PIA. These 5 companies will get the first blessing of the TNC token swap, and their users will receive TNC tokens according to the set swap rate.

TNC assumes the position of protecting the interests of merger companies and of users who have placed their trust in promising projects that have proved to be less successful than expected. In this sense, the TNC Coin listing will benefit both companies and users considering that they will have the opportunity to be an integral part of TNC’s broad network.

TNC Coin listing will also allow a token activation through an increasing number of exchanges and users. In place of users who have suffered from price drops on their purchased currencies after ICO and IEO, there is the enormous benefit of seeing their digital currency swapped by a cryptocurrency with vaster potential.

TNC IT GROUP’s bold movement in the crypto market will change the paradigm of the blockchain atmosphere. Crypto M&A will also initiate a truly decentralized work environment along with merged companies, where they can get support in developing their own blockchain technology. Due to the market situation and value dropping, most of the merger companies faced the lack of support in the technical side of business development. Yet with TNC, they will move forward collaboration with an international network that was created from TNC IT GROUP.

TNC Crypto M&A works as a reboot system for blockchain businesses. The project strives to support “crypto companies who opt to liquidate low-value coins in the market by allowing them to swap their digital assets with a promising cryptocurrency with visible market and utilization within the system,” declares Jason Jang, company’s CEO. TNC covers all legal procedures and costs throughout the timeframe of the merger business. This support is also extended to blockchain development, human resources, consulting, and other services.

TNC aims to foster faster adoption of innovations by investing in promising merger companies’ talent and technology to develop blockchain-based projects and innovations. According to TNC, “the companies that will join the program will be included in TNC’s global network, making them eligible to avail of TNC’s services and to tap on investment opportunities.”

TNC IT Group is a young firm, with its project launched at the end of 2018. With an ambitious mission, its core of developers started with a team of more than 300 employees. The large crew of blockchain collaborators is present in various countries around the world, including the UAE, England, Canada, Japan, and Singapore, to name a few.

After just over a year, the company promises to reach 10,000 developers to deliver total blockchain solutions across industries as its Crypto M&A is concluded. In parallel, merged companies will be able to benefit from the broad scope of professional means—considering the increasing number of blockchain developers. 

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