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Eatiful: The New Non-Diet Program That Is Helping People Change How They Eat, Not What They Eat

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Eatiful's revolutionary non-diet strategy assists individuals in breaking away from diets by modifying how they eat rather than what they consume.

Eatiful takes a different approach to weight loss. Instead of focusing on what people eat, Eatiful changes how people eat. According to the company, there is no nutritional advice in The Eatiful Method because effective weight loss can be achieved without restrictive diets.

Eatiful takes scientifically proven principles of mindful eating and adds CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques to help its members eat the right amount of food.

"Slowing down and stopping when full is an effective way to lose and maintain weight. Eatiful assists members in eating exactly what their bodies require while still enjoying things they adore. Eatiful is more than simply a new way of eating. It's a different way of looking at eating and weight loss. Eatiful helps members set goals and easily achieve them," says Katie Lips, Founder of Eatiful.

According to Eatiful's research, 67% of people eat too rapidly, and 78% overeat at every meal. Overeaters have a habit of eating everything on their plates frequently without thinking.

"Eating quickly stops people from considering how much food their body needs and stops them from recognizing that they're full. Cleaning your plate and eating fast significantly contributes to weight gain," she added.


The Eatiful Method assists members in developing new habits that modify how they eat rather than what they consume, allowing them to lose weight and enjoy life. 

An entrepreneur and author, Katie Lips, founded Eatiful after losing 85 pounds using this strategy. "After years of being obese, I changed my eating habits using our simple Eatiful Method and lost more than 85 pounds. I am truly grateful for my healthy body, and I attribute it entirely to this new way of eating," Katie says.

The Eatiful Method is free as part of the Eatiful Starter plan and may be experienced in several ways. Visit the company's website,, to discover more about their unique non-diet Method for weight loss. A team member would be happy to assist and answer any questions.

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