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Pushing through pandemic challenges, Black New Jersey resident strives to keep others healthy

By: IssueWire
Tami C Gaines

Even COVID-19 could not stop this single mother of four in her quest to share the benefits of an often overlooked key to better health

Montclair, New Jersey Sep 18, 2021 ( - Not even a global pandemic could stop one Black New Jersey resident from accomplishing her dream of helping people across the nation find their best health.

Those that know her are likely to say Tami C. Gaines is not the type of person to quit, so as the global COVID-19 pandemic took hold it was no surprise that she doubled down on her newly founded company, Alivio Products, Inc, when many would likely have folded up.

"We launched in late 2019, so it was just about the worst timing possible," Gaines said. "But we also knew that being healthy was more important than ever, so we kept pushing and finding innovative ways to connect with potential customers and retail buyers. I'm happy to say we have built a loyal and growing client base across the U.S. "

The company makes transdermal - through the skin - magnesium-based, all-natural wellness products.

She launched three product lines, all especially relevant during the current health crisis - stress relief, relief from pain and inflammation, and support for men's reproductive health.

During the pandemic, magnesium demand increased 14 percent, with projected growth through the end of the year and beyond, a perfect fit for the long-time entrepreneur.

"My background is in marketing, in particular, my expertise lies in identifying niche markets and new product development," Gaines said. "I've had my own consulting company for over 25 years serving clients like The Marriot, Wells Fargo Bank, and Unilever."

While highly successful in most regards, she said she was always looking to get into wellness.

"I've wanted to have my own wellness brand since I was 25 but I hadn't found a product that I was excited about until I was placed on hospitalized bed rest, pregnant with my twins after my husband of 12 years decided to leave me.

"It was at that point I saw the importance of magnesium firsthand.

"They gave me an IV drip of magnesium every day to stop my contractions and help the babies grow stronger. Being on bed rest for five weeks with nothing else to do, I started researching magnesium. It sparked my curiosity, and I learned about the benefits of maintaining the recommended daily amount of magnesium. I found it was like a magic mineral that no one was talking about. Since then, I have dreamed of sharing this message, but more importantly, create an easy way to address magnesium deficiency through all-natural products."

After gaining vast amounts of knowledge about magnesium and the human body, she would team up with her friend, naturopathic physician, Jsahna L. Simmons, and begin developing transdermally-delivered, magnesium-based mind-body wellness products.

"I am very proud of our lineup right now and super excited about our product pipeline," Gaines said. "Whether you are a part of the 75 percent of Americans that suffer from magnesium deficiency or are just looking for products to aid in natural healing, I'm confident one of our products will deliver whatever they need."

For those looking for stress relief, Alivio has the DESTRESSology line.

"Our DESTRESSology product line includes a non-greasy, body balm, highly-concentrated spray, and bath crystals that are great for a little calming alone time," Gaines said. "We also have a great therapeutic detox blend, and for those looking to increase their get up and go, our energizing blend is wonderful.

"For those looking to give recovery from their workouts with an added boost, we have our MAG Sport Support products. They deliver an effective recovery after any type of exercise and may ease pain and inflammation. Of course, we offer soaks and sprays in that line as well that are a perfect complement to a good workout and could lead to bigger gains.

"Our third line, which is very popular, is a game-changer for men's health. That's our affectionately named Boom Boom Butter. When men are magnesium deficient they have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer and having challenges related to sex."

"Each of our products is created with a Magnesium Sulfate and Magnesium Chloride blend for maximum effectiveness and with 100 percent pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. And of course, everything is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, plant-based, non-GMO, not tested on animals, and fair trade. We wouldn't have it any other way. It's one of our guiding values."

For more information about Gaines or Alivio, visit

The company also maintains a presence on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Alivio Products Inc

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Tami C. Gaines, Founder and CEO


95 Park Street, Suite 6 Montclair, New Jersey 07042

Source :Alivio Products, Inc.

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