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UNIFYD Launches New Platform, UNIFYD Social

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2023 / UNIFYD World, a multi-faceted organization, has launched its brand new social media platform as of May 2023. UNIFYD Social is an add-on to UNIFYD TV, the organization's video streaming platform.

The social media project is dedicated to fostering an open and unfiltered dialogue with the goal of bringing humanity closer together. Built on the principles of freedom, respect, and unity, UNIFYD Social seeks to differentiate itself from conventional social media platforms by offering an inclusive and safe space where users can express themselves authentically and openly without censorship. The idea is to enhance mutual understanding and compassion among its global community members.

This ethos aligns with UNIFYD World's mission to unify humanity beyond differences, offering an innovative platform that encourages diverse perspectives and respectful dialogue. The founder, Jason Shurka, states that his team sought to launch UNIFYD Social as an answer to the current digital climate.

"These days digital media can be marred by censorship and restrictions on free speech," Shurka states. "UNIFYD Social is breaking the mold by establishing a platform where voices from all walks of life can be heard without fear of censorship."

He shares that UNIFYD Social is strategically integrated into the UNIFYD TV platform as a 'Community' feature. This integration allows members to engage in meaningful discourse, share insights, and contribute to the collective knowledge pool while maintaining the ability to stream original content from UNIFYD TV. This fusion of media consumption and social interaction is intended to create a greater sense of unity and collective consciousness.

Caption: UNIFYD World billboard in Times Square, NYC

UNIFYD Social is funded entirely by the donations of UNIFYD World's members so that it operates independently of external commercial interests. This financial structure ensures that the platform remains true to its mission, free from the influences that can compel mainstream social media platforms to engage in content censorship. This holistic approach prioritizes uniting humanity through freedom of speech and conscious media.

Shurka explains that his team made the decision to launch this social media platform as a way to further promote the organization's ethos of unity, free speech, and collective consciousness. Recognizing the growing discontent with restrictions on mainstream social media platforms, they saw an opportunity to provide a digital space where open, respectful dialogue could thrive unhindered. Shurka emphasizes that the platform is intended to give a voice to all, especially those who feel marginalized or unheard in the traditional social media landscape.

"We believe that UNIFYD Social could be a catalyst for positive change and personal growth," Shurka says. "The platform encourages users to share, learn, and expand their perspectives through engaging with diverse content and participating in meaningful discussions. Our vision extends beyond simply providing a platform for free speech; we envision UNIFYD Social as a tool for fostering understanding, compassion, and unity among humanity on a global scale."

Shurka also feels that this move will help UNIFYD World to grow. The introduction of UNIFYD Social has the potential to bolster the growth by enhancing the visibility of UNIFYD's brand and initiatives. It presents an opportunity for these platforms to reach a broader audience, both nationally and globally. UNIFYD Social can serve as an interactive channel through which potential viewers and supporters can discover the unique content offered on UNIFYD TV and learn more about UNIFYD World's mission. The increased brand awareness can lead to higher viewership, more active participation in their initiatives, and potentially greater funding support.

"We want UNIFYD Social to build a strong, engaged community," Shurka says, "where members can exchange thoughts, share experiences, and engage with the content from UNIFYD TV."

The new platform allows for real-time user feedback, offering invaluable insights into the audience's needs and preferences, which can guide the refinement and development of UNIFYD TV's content and UNIFYD World's initiatives. Cross-promotion of new content and events on UNIFYD Social can further enhance engagement and viewership, accelerating the growth of both UNIFYD TV and UNIFYD World.

"UNIFYD Social hopes to create a space that prioritizes user freedom, dialogue, and conscious engagement, attracting a vibrant, global community," Shurka says.

About UNIFYD Social

UNIFYD Social is a social media platform and a branch of the organization UNIFYD World. UNIFYD Social is available to UNIFYD TV members and is built into the existing platform.


Media contact: Selena Stitzer


UNIFYD TV is a video streaming platform and an initiative of the organization UNIFYD World. The platform offers over 1,000 original titles, such as original series, documentaries, workshops, yoga, films, guided meditations, and live VIP events. The platform is supported via memberships rather than by advertisements.


Media contact: Selena Stitzer


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