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Which Lock Is Best for Rental Properties?

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With the continuous advancement of technology, smart locks have received more and more attention and importance in the market. There's no doubt that more and more homes are gravitating towards more sophisticated smart lock solutions. Nonetheless, it is undisputed that mechanical locks and hardware continue to maintain their dominance. According to the latest industry status report, 87.2% of respondents revealed that they are involved in the inventory and sales of mechanical door hardware, surpassing electronic door hardware which lags behind by nearly 43%. Obviously, a large proportion of customers still firmly choose traditional mechanical locks, with the apartment industry showing the most obvious tendency. So, what factors do apartment managers consider when choosing door locks?

1. Usage Frequency: If tenants change frequently, such as in an Airbnb environment, it may be necessary to install a new commercial door lock for each new guest. This process can be expensive and time-consuming. For this situation, choosing a mechanical door lock with a replaceable lock cylinder is a good solution.

2. Key Replacement: As tenants change, keys need to be changed. Some locks, such as the Kwikset SmartKey cylinder, simplify the key-changing process. The ease of key replacement allows you to quickly update keys compatible with these locks without having to hire a locksmith. Apart from well-known brands like Kwikset, you can also explore the most popular brands in the contemporary market such as Landlord Locks and Bravex commercial door locks.

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3. Key Replication: An ongoing challenge in leasing is the inability to police key duplication. Once the tenant has the key, they can easily have it duplicated at a nearby hardware store. In situations where there is a high turnover of tenants, one door lock may result in the circulation of a large number of property keys. This correlation means that as the number of tenants increases, the associated risks escalate. There is no doubt that this is an unfriendly situation for both landlords and tenants. 4. Security Considerations: Security is paramount when choosing a door lock. Compared to the potential hacking risks associated with smart locks, keyless entry door locks are widely considered more secure. High-quality mechanical locks are typically made from durable materials, making them resistant to tampering and forced entry. Mechanical locks from well-known brands are rigorously tested to ensure strong security. Lock design also plays a key role in enhancing security features. Bravex commercial door locks, for example, feature complex internal mechanisms that make unauthorized access more difficult. This unique design provides extra protection, combining features such as a pry-resistant and drill-resistant design. We thoroughly researched and analyzed landlord recommendations and online reviews, taking into account factors such as pricing, durability, security features, and user-friendliness. Therefore, we recommend the most popular landlord door locks on the market. 1. Kwikset SmartKey HalifaxKwikset SmartKey features compatibility with two of the industry's leading residential keyways, the other being the SC1. Therefore, a homeowner or owner of a multi-unit property can allow tenants to retain their SC1 keys while transitioning to Kwikset locks. This flexibility comes because SmartKey locks can rekey an existing lock without having to remove it from the door, solving the worry of keys being lost or not returned. There is no doubt that this approach is also a cost-effective solution. Kwikset locks are particularly suitable for landlords, offering a simple and cost-effective replacement option when it comes to rekeying (backed by a lifetime warranty). This version showcases a traditional design suitable for most homes. It's an excellent option for landlords looking for a high-quality option with no electronic components in their door locks but still want to meet their specific needs.

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For landlords looking for a top-notch heavy-duty deadbolt lock, the Schlage B60N505 is a solid choice. This simple and cost-effective lock may be just what you need to enhance the security of your property.  The Schlage B60N505's rugged construction features reinforced steel bolts and a tamper-proof cover to prevent tampering. Additionally, its patented Snap and Stay technology ensures a seamless installation process, a key factor for landlords to quickly and efficiently install multiple locks.

Although a basic lock, it has a Class 1 rating, ensuring a high level of protection for your property and tenants against potential security breaches. While it may lack smart lock features, it's still an excellent choice for rental owners who prioritize security and reliability. 3. Bravex MKDZ LocksCompared to the previously mentioned well-known brands, Bravex has become a well-known brand in recent years and has gained widespread recognition. Its popularity in the apartment market has soared due to its superior quality and craftsmanship. These products undergo rigorous ANSI/BHMA Level 1 testing to withstand over 2,000,000 cycles while retaining their functionality, demonstrating impeccable quality.

Bravex MKDZ locks have the function of quickly changing the lock cylinder, which not only reduces apartment management costs, but also ensures the safety of landlords and tenants. Sturdy materials and internal construction demonstrate excellent anti-pry properties. Additionally, the provision of lifetime warranty enhances owners’ trust in the brand.

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Key Takeaway

Landlords who choose mechanical locks find the advantages of simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Known for their ruggedness and tamper resistance, these locks provide a straightforward solution to key management and replacement challenges. The absence of electronic components eliminates the risk of hacking, ensuring a safe option for protecting your property. In addition, mechanical locks often have features such as convenient rekeying and lock cylinder replacement, which can meet the dynamic requirements of landlords supervising multiple tenants. The emphasis on robust construction and anti-tamper mechanisms further highlights the appeal of mechanical locks in prioritizing security. In summary, mechanical locks’ established performance, economical maintenance, and compliance with traditional preferences make them the first choice for landlords looking for a reliable, effective solution.

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