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Chengdu, China / TimesNewswire /  March 22, 2023 – On Jan. 29, at the Longquanyi District, the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone (CETDZ), a mobilization and deployment meeting for the Three Optimizing and Strengthening tasks was held, officially initiating the joint advance and prosperity of the six functional areas. From then on, the development and construction of each area was vigorously launched.

How the six functional areas, namely Dong’an Lake Vigor City Area, Longquanyi Main Urban Area, Hong River-Qinglong Lake Urban Area, Longquanyi Auto City Area, Jinxiu Tianfu Area, and Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park Area, will be optimized and strengthened, and advance and prosper together, attracts public attention and anticipation. This time, Let’s visit the Dong’an Lake Vigor City, a municipal-level key area.

On the 1,600-mu Dong’an Lake, far-reaching bule water ripples and reflects one stadium and three gymnasiums. A wonderful life where nature, people and city coexist harmoniously is vividly portrayed here, along with the ideal of improving the city’s energy level and quality. Among the six functional areas jointly advancing and prospering, it is definitely the vanguard.

The Dong’an Lake Vigor City Area, extending to the first east section of Shudu Avenue in the north, Yidu Avenue in the south, Chengdu Ring Expressway in the west, and Gongyuan Road in the east, has a planned area of 29 square kilometers (incl. a core start-up area of 8.9 square kilometers). As one of the 24 key functional areas in Chengdu, it is to be built into the demonstration area in the park city demonstration area, shouldering the responsibility and mission as the exemplary and leading role in the development and construction of the other five functional areas.

Planning first

Making a targeted blueprint for a fashionable and vigorous new city

To facilitate its construction, Dong’an Lake Vigorous City Area Command was set up and the main leaders of the District Party Committee and District Government served as commanders. A working mechanism for cross-level collaboration was established. Next, members of the Command and competent departments will be organized to specify practical tasks, projects, and measures, which will be itemized to facilitate subsequent implementation.

Urban construction, planning first. According to the person in charge of the Dong’an Lake Vigorous City Area Command, in order to fully implement the Municipal Party Committee’s requirements of optimizing plans, gathering industries, strengthening functions, shaping forms, and building images, and the District Party Committee’s arrangements for the Three Optimizing and Strengthening tasks, the Command held seminars to learn the planning and construction logic of the five new cities in Shanghai, especially the functional positioning, planning and construction of Jiading New City, and drew on the successful experience of other municipal-level key areas, considered its resource endowment and industrial base, and then finalized the positioning scheme for the Dong’an Lake Vigor City.

Dong’an Lake Vigor City is a new center of the central urban area of Chengdu international metropolis along the Chengdu-Chongqing Development Axis radiating eastward. Adhering to the strategy of running a city by hosting sports events and being an exemplary and leading role, and the goal as the demonstration area in the park city demonstration area, following the green, low-carbon, sustainable development concept and the logic of people, city, and industry, the area will give play to its unique geographical, ecological, and future carrier’s space advantages, strive to build an advanced automobile and aerospace R&D and innovation center and a sports event and cultural exhibition and performance center, driven by the integration of “two industries” and the integrated development of culture, business, sports, and tourism, accelerate the establishment of a diversified modern industrial system, thus building an open, fashionable and vigorous new city where nature, people and city coexist harmoniously.

Exemplary and leading role

Striving to optimize and strengthen the three major functions

The area’s core function is the Chengdu-Chongqing automobile and aerospace intelligent manufacturing innovation highland, characteristic functions are the main carrier of Chengdu’s International Sports Event City and the main carrier of Chengdu’s green and low-carbon services, and basic function is the Chengdu’s Picturesque and Smart Park City Demonstration Area.

Introduced by the person in charge, Longquanyi will spare no effort to optimize and strengthen the above three major functions. For the core function construction, the area will, aiming at a Chengdu-Chongqing manufacturing highland and relying on the thriving auto industry in the CETDZ and the headquarters of the Sichuan Academy of Aerospace Technology, fully promote the deep integration of modern service and advanced manufacturing, focus on intelligent computing platforms and satellite applications and services, gather high-end elements such as leading talents, industrial funds, and technological innovations, establish a functional platform for the intellectual manufacturing highland, and thus build a Chengdu-Chongqing auto intelligent manufacturing innovation center and aerospace R&D innovation base.

Led by Amer New Energy Vehicle Global Headquarters and Dahua Southwest Smart Base, 11 industrialization projects have been gathered at the start-up area of the Dong’an Lake Vigor City area, where 15 functional clusters are planned in an area of 29 square kilometers.

For the construction of the distinctive function as the main carrier of Chengdu’s International Sports Event City, the area will, following the idea of running a city by hosting sports events and shaping forms with flows, promote the diversified development of one stadium, three gymnasiums and Dong’an Theater, accomplish the 31st Summer Universiade, host more international and domestic pre- and post-competition high-level cultural and sports events, apply for high-level professional sports events and IPs. Meanwhile, efforts will also be made to support the National Fitness and Sports action, expand services and supporting services, and thus create a carrier of sports events and cultural exhibitions and performances in the western region.

Sports+ is the core keyword of the main carrier of Chengdu’s International Sports Event City. It will make good use of existing carrier resources and future urban spatial resources, and enrich and improve the derivative industries of sports + tourism, culture, commerce, technology, finance, medical care, etc., opening new tracks for the ecosystem building and industrial chain strengthening.

Sino-French Cooperation Museum in Chengdu

For the construction of the characteristic function as the main carrier of Chengdu’s green and low carbon services, the area will, relying on the national empowerment of the Sino-French Ecological Park in Chengdu and the municipal empowerment of the main carrier of Chengdu’s green and low carbon services, focus on the industry chain of green and low carbon services, explore and attract chain owners and leading talents, promote the green and low carbon development in the city, and build it into a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly city.

A total of 11 green and low-carbon projects have been gathered in the area, including key projects such as the SinoCarbon Sichuan Headquarters, the Innovation China · Chengdu Green and Low Carbon Association-Place Joint Innovation Center, and the Innovation Practice Base, the National Carbon Market Capacity Building (Chengdu) Center.

For the construction of the basic function as the demonstration area in Chengdu’s Picturesque Smart Park City Demonstration Area, the area will, adhering to the sustainable development concept, build a park city where nature, people and city coexist harmoniously, by adding future park communities to the landscape, improving its quality with thoughtful municipal and public services, empowering it with intelligent management, and completing its facilities from three dimensions of city, district and community.

Research and planning on urban construction have been made in five aspects, namely municipal facilities construction, public service facilities construction, exertion of the Ecological+ value, future park community construction, and intelligent governance, aiming at the benchmark for Longquanyi’s development. Additional efforts will be made to sort out the medical and educational resources in and around the area, facilitate the construction of 13 supporting facilities such as the Comprehensive Operation and Management Center of Dong’an New City, and make plans for youth community, employment center, hospitals and other supporting projects, so as to make the area more suitable for business and habitation, and enhance the attractiveness and reputation of the city.

Seize opportunities

Promoting the formation of Dong’an Lake Vigor City

On the same day as the mobilization and deployment meeting for the Three Optimizing and Strengthening tasks held in the Longquanyi District, the CETDZ, a scheduling meeting for the comprehensive launch of the preparations for the 31st Summer Universiade was held. Shi Xiaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, emphasized that, the Chengdu Universiade, the first large-scale comprehensive international sports event held after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, is a major political task entrusted to Chengdu by the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government.

The 31st Summer Universiade is a golden opportunity to promote the construction of Dong’an Lake Vigor City. The person in charge stated that Longquanyi will fully implement the national, provincial and municipal instructions and seize the opportunity to prepare for the Chengdu Universiade. The first is the creation of urban scenes, to fully coordinate the preparation for tourism, shopping, recreation, and cultural exhibition and communication activities before, during, and after the event, and organically integrate the event and the area’s functional construction, so as to achieve the goal of running a city by hosting sports events and benefiting people with thriving industries. The second is to, according to the command’s arrangements, further optimize and deepen its functional positioning, deepen its development plan, and finalize the master plan of Dong’an Lake Vigor City with a total area of 29 square kilometers, and accelerate the recruitment, selection, and negotiation of urban partners. The third is to further optimize business environment, deepen and refine the lifecycle management, promote the rapid investment, construction and operation of projects in the area in the form of Six-Batch project cluster construction, and thus promote the formation of the demonstration area—the Dong’an Lake Vigor City— in Chengdu’s Park City Demonstration Area.

Spring comes early for diligent people. It’s time to forge ahead. The construction of Dong’an Lake Vigor City has been initiated. With full enthusiasm and pragmatic style, the party members, cadres, and people in Longquanyi District are calling for sprinting at the beginning. Let’s roll up our sleeves and work hard to build the Chengdu-Chongqing manufacturing highland and modern central urban area. Let’s act practically, strive to be in the forefront of the new journey of socialist modernization in Chengdu with more contributions.

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