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CHERIII launches a revolutionary tool to be free from deep physiological stresses

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The Sovereign Quantum Codes are a new approach to healing and wellness that restore the healthy frequencies of cells and organs

The Sovereign Quantum Codes are a new approach to healing and wellness that uses the quantum mechanics and bioresonance's principles to reprogram the DNA. According to the Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his team, DNA has its own language that can be influenced by words, thoughts, and images. By adapting the frequencies of our verbal language and thought-generated images, DNA can be reprogrammed, accepting a new order and a new rule from the frequencies received and emitted by the inside.

Each code is a healing experience that combines sound, light, and codes to restore the healthy frequencies of cells and organs, to normalize the body's energy flows, and to restore the exchange of information (light and sound) between cells to promote health. The codes can be listened at home or during a session with a therapist to enhance the treatment. The Sovereign Quantum Codes are a moment of grace, a relaxing experience that can help individuals regain their vitality to access their inner strength, to activate joy, pleasure, abundance. They eliminate all kind of toxins to be free from deep physiological stresses by restoring the natural biorhythm. Discover all the benefits here:

The codes allow the identification of any "anomalies" within the organs and to amend them by sending harmonious natural signals of very gentle intensity for an optimal penetration. Listening to the codes regularly can allow individuals to access their full genetic capacities, resulting in a state of vibrational coherence in resonance with the source of all life.

The codes are a co-creation of healers, musicians, and therapists from all around the world who channel the free energy, the Constant. The purpose of Sovereign Quantum Codes is to heal the body, the heart and the mind to recover the DNA original program. Once the artificial matrix programs are uninstalled, the codes will allow individuals to determine their own direction and align themselves with their sacred destiny by re-installing the original matrix programs that will allow them to heal.

In conclusion, the Sovereign Quantum Codes offer a revolutionary approach to healing and wellness that uses the principles of quantum mechanics and bioresonance to reprogram the DNA of living organisms. They are a journey to the heart of quantum energy thanks to an original frequency structure, coupled with a system of encoding and light. Listening to the codes permit individuals to experience a total reconnection, to activate vital energy, to repair the emotional system, to eliminate self-sabotaging systems and to harmonize the bodies. All informations here:


CHERIII is specialized in the Art of raising vibrations and she masters frequency raising and resonance systems. Since more than 20 years, she creates, composes, produces, gives conferences, sings, teaches and accompanies people of any horizon and any life course to raise their vibratory level in the current frequency transition.

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