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Durable Solutions Expands Operations

By: Issuewire
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Appoints New Director

Middletown, Delaware Jan 7, 2022 ( - Durable Solutions, Inc., provider of innovative and field-proven liquid product solutions as Best Management Practices, and offering the world's leading products for soluble salt testing and soluble salt removal, announced today that it is expanding its operations and is hiring Norman Petticrew as Director responsible for Strategic Sales and Tech Support for its national and international sales.  In addition to supporting CHLOR*RID customers and their preservation efforts, Petticrew will provide support and sales training for the other systems that provide enduring solutions against traditional approaches.  He will also provide continuing education courses on corrosion prevention and will speak at industry trade shows, in addition to helping owners, facility managers, designers, and specification writers learn about soluble salts and how to remove these non-visible contaminants correctly and economically.

Norm Petticrew has spent more than 50 years in the Marine, Petro-Chemical, and offshore coatings industries.  He has been focused on application, manufacturing, section, consulting, and sales which shows his true universal wisdom from all angles to assure the best wisdom is shared by him.  He belongs to SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and NACE CIP Level III Certification #850 which shows he is one of the earlier pioneers in attaining that achievement.  He is also active with various chapters including the Gulf Coast Chapter where he served as Chairman (2014-2015).

"Our firm is very fortunate to hire someone with Norm's education, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm that exceeds fifty years. We consider him to be a valuable asset to both our clientele and the company," said Regis Doucette, Chief Problem Solver, Durable Solutions.

"In the corrosion industry, the issue of soluble salts in conjunction with the current state-of-the-art coatings is an important topic.  Durable Solutions addresses this issue by providing the safest, most economical solution for the removal of soluble salts from substrates," said Norm Petticrew, Director Strategic Sales, Durable Solutions.  "My mission to educate specifiers and project managers that the removal of soluble salts upfront is common sense.  Do the job right the first time and you will avoid callbacks and failures.  There is a lot of misinformation out there with new products that don't deliver expected results and when you go back to the assets supposedly protected, the very next day there are visible problems with their products that don't work.  The environment, both economically and ecologically, clearly requires the use of the Chlor*Rid field-tested and proven detection and remediation system to maintain our safety and a functioning physical infrastructure. 

I also look forward to educating key asset owners about how to chemically stop corrosion in joints and connections with the Termarust system.  This system, used worldwide, can save owners vast sums instead of falsely hiding the problem by covering up active corrosion cells that keep on cooking as they eat away at the metal substrate.  This is a great chance to improve our nation's economy by using scarce resources more wisely.

Durable Solutions has a great array of niche products that will fix many of the common problems out there that I look forward to sharing with owners and contractors to make their lives better."

For more information, see the website:

(504) 912-7765

About Durable Solutions, Inc.

Durable Solutions offers unique products that provide "durable solutions" that have demonstrably saved money and other resources on asset preservation for industrial and commercial markets.

Benefits of all products include:
   extending the life cycle, or service life, meaning no need to re-do the re-application as often 
   providing cost-effectiveness in terms of $$$, time, and main functional purpose
   offering environmentally safer choices than alternatives, including during and after installation 
   properly FIXING versus a temporary fix that will wastefully need revisiting again  
   supporting with 30-plus years of field service

These products cover most building materials on this planet against the elements of Nature. Specific problems fixed include corrosion, fire, wind, mold, condensation, thermal, strength, odors, man-made contaminants, and water issues.

For any inquiries please contact


Media Contact

Regis Doucette



PO BOX 1135

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