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        Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): June 26, 2002

                           Constellation Brands, Inc.
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ITEM 5.  OTHER EVENTS                                        .

Constellation Brands, Inc. released  the following information on June 26, 2002:
                            PERCENT NET SALES GROWTH

FAIRPORT,  NEW  YORK,  June 26, 2002 - Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE: STZ and
STZ.B)  today reported net income of $37 million for the first quarter ended May
31, 2002,  an  increase   of  33  percent  on  a  comparable  basis   (excluding
amortization  of  goodwill  and  indefinite  lived  intangible  assets  for both
periods)  over  net  income  for  the  first quarter ended May 31, 2001. Diluted
earnings  per  share  for  the quarter were $0.40 compared to $0.33 for the same
period  a  year  ago,  an  increase of 21 percent on a comparable basis. Diluted
earnings  per share for the prior year first quarter before adoption of SFAS 142
were  $0.28.

     Richard  Sands,  Constellation  Chairman,   Chief  Executive  Officer   and
President,  said,  "As  investors  have  confidently  come to expect from us, we
delivered  excellent  results.  We  achieved  9%  sales  growth and a strong 21%
earnings per share increase this quarter, demonstrating how we leverage top line
performance  into  bottom  line results." Sands added, "In an uncertain economic
and  investment  environment,  we  take  pride in producing at the highest level
within  a  stable  industry."

     The  financial  information  in this press release reflects the adoption of
Statement  of Financial Accounting Standards No. 142 ("SFAS 142"), "Goodwill and
Other  Intangible  Assets." In order to help investors better evaluate year over
year  performance,   the  Company  has  included  financial  information  on   a
"comparable"  basis,  as  if  the adoption of SFAS 142 had occurred in the prior
year.  Unless  otherwise  noted,  discussions in this release were prepared on a
comparable  basis.
     Also,  beginning  March  1,  2002, the Company adopted Emerging Issues Task
Force  ("EITF") Issue No. 01-09, "Accounting for Consideration Given by a Vendor
to  a  Customer  or a Reseller of a Vendor's Products." As a result, the Company
has   reclassified   certain  promotional  expenditures  paid  to  distributors,
retailers  or  consumers as a reduction of revenue and non-cash consideration as
an  increase  to  cost  of  product  sold. The Company previously reported these
expenses as selling, general and administrative expenses. Prior-period financial
information   has   been  reclassified  to  comply  with  this   guidance.  This
reclassification  does  not  affect  operating  income or net income. Additional
historical  financial information, adjusted to show effect of EITF 01-09, can be
found  on  the  Company's  web  site:  www.cbrands.com.

     Net  sales  reached  $649  million  for the three months ended May 31, 2002
("First  Quarter 2003"), a nine percent increase over the three months ended May
31,  2001  ("First  Quarter  2002").  Net  sales  growth was driven primarily by
increases  in  imported  beer, the U.K. wholesale business and Ravenswood, which
was  acquired  in  July 2001.  Excluding Ravenswood, net sales for First Quarter
2003  grew  seven  percent,  in-line with the Company's internal growth targets.
     Gross  profit  for  First  Quarter  2003  was $175 million compared to $153
million in the prior year period.  The improvement in gross profit was primarily
related  to  increased  imported  beer  sales, though partially offset by higher
average  imported beer costs; as well as sales of Ravenswood and a favorable mix
of spirit sales towards higher margin products, particularly tequila.
     Selling,  general  and  administrative  expenses were $89 million for First
Quarter  2003  versus  $76 million for First Quarter 2002.  The increase was due
primarily to higher advertising costs for the imported beer portfolio and higher
personnel  costs  to  support the Company's growth.  First Quarter 2003 selling,
general  and  administrative  expenses,  as  a  percent  of net sales, were 13.8
percent,  compared to 12.8 percent for the same period a year ago.  The increase
resulted  from  higher  average  advertising  and  promotional  costs and higher
general operating expenses.
     Operating  income  increased  $10  million  to  reach $86 million for First
Quarter 2003, an increase of 13 percent.
     Equity  income  from  Pacific Wine Partners, an equally owned joint venture
with BRL Hardy, which commenced operations August 2001, was $3 million for First
Quarter  2003.  Led  by  Australian  import  Banrock Station and Blackstone from
California,  Pacific  Wine  Partners'  shipments  improved 57 percent versus the
prior year, which was before Pacific Wine Partner's formation.
     Net  interest  expense  for  First  Quarter 2003 declined $3 million to $27
million  as  a  result  of  lower average borrowing rates and lower average debt
     As a result of the above factors, net income and diluted earnings per share
for First  Quarter  2003  were $37 million and $0.40, compared to net income and
diluted  earnings per share of $28 million and $0.33, respectively, reported for
First Quarter 2002.

     Imported  beer  and  spirits  net  sales  for  First Quarter 2003 were $270
million,  an  increase  of  12  percent versus First Quarter 2002.  The increase
resulted  from  14 percent growth in imported beer sales and five percent growth
in  spirits.  Imported  beer  growth resulted from both volume gains and a price
increase  on  the  Company's  Mexican  brands,  which took effect March 1, 2002.
Spirits  net sales growth resulted primarily from a favorable mix towards higher
priced products, particularly tequila.
     Operating  income grew to $54 million in First Quarter 2003, an increase of
18  percent  versus  the  comparable quarter last year.  The growth in operating
income  was  primarily the result of increased beer sales and a favorable mix of
higher  margin  spirit  products  partially  offset  by  increased   advertising
spending, particularly on imported beer, and general operating expenses.

     Net sales were $163 million for popular and premium wine for  First Quarter
2003, a decline of two percent over First Quarter 2002.  Branded sales increased
slightly  but  were   more  than  offset  by  declines  in   nonbranded   sales,
particularly concentrate and bulk wine sales.
     Operating  income was down slightly as increased profits from branded sales
were more than offset by lower profits from nonbranded sales.

     Net  sales for First Quarter 2003 increased to $187 million, an increase of
11  percent  compared  to  net sales reported for First Quarter 2002.  Wholesale
sales  improved  15  percent  as  the business continues to gain market share by
adding  new  accounts and increasing average delivery sizes.  Branded sales grew
three  percent  on  strong table wine sales and ready-to-drink brands, K Ice and
fcuk SPIRIT, partially offset by declines in cider sales.
     Operating  income for First Quarter 2003 was relatively flat at $10 million
as  increased  profit  from  the  wholesale  business  was  offset  by increased
investment  behind  several  key  wine and ready-to-drink brands and lower cider

     Fine  wine  net  sales for First Quarter 2003 increased 40 percent to reach
$35  million.  The  increase  was  due to the addition of Ravenswood.  Excluding
Ravenswood,  fine wine sales declined eight percent on lower volume following on
the  heels of a robust Fourth Quarter 2002 (+32 percent).  Fine wine depletions,
shipments from distributors to retailers, excluding Ravenswood continued to grow
in  the  mid  teens  for  the  quarter.
     As a result of the higher net sales, operating income increased 44 percent,
reaching $12 million.

     The  following  statements  are  management's  current expectations for the
Company's  three  months  ending  August  31,  2002 ("Second Quarter 2003"), and
fiscal year ending February 28, 2003 ("Fiscal 2003").  These statements are made
as  of  the  date of this press release and are forward-looking.  Actual results
may  differ  materially  from  these  expectations  due to a number of risks and

-    Diluted  earnings  per  share  for  Second  Quarter 2003 are expected to be
     within  a  range  of  $0.52 to $0.54 versus diluted earnings per share on a
     comparable basis of $0.46 for Second Quarter 2002.

-    Diluted  earnings  per  share  for  Fiscal 2003 are expected to be within a
     range  of  $2.00  to  $2.04  versus  diluted  earnings  per share before an
     extraordinary item on a comparable basis of $1.79 for Fiscal 2002.

     All share and per share amounts in this press release, including within the
financial  information,  reflects  the  two-for-one  stock  split  of  both  the
Company's Class A and Class B common stock, which was distributed in the form of
a stock dividend on May 13, 2002.

     During  the  quarter,  Constellation  may reiterate the estimates set forth
above  under  the  heading  Outlook (collectively, the "Outlook").  Prior to the
start  of the Quiet Period (described below), the public can continue to rely on
the  Outlook  as still being Constellation's current expectations on the matters
covered, unless Constellation publishes a notice stating otherwise.
     Beginning  August  17,  2002,  Constellation  will observe a "Quiet Period"
during  which  the  Outlook  no  longer   constitutes  the   Company's   current
expectations.  During  the  Quiet Period, the Outlook should be considered to be
historical,  speaking  as  of  prior to the Quiet Period only and not subject to
update by the Company.  During the Quiet Period, Constellation's representatives
will  not comment concerning the Outlook or Constellation's financial results or
expectations.  The  Quiet  Period will extend until the day when Constellation's
next  quarterly Earnings Release is published, presently scheduled for Thursday,
September 26, 2002.

     The  statements  made  under  the  heading  Outlook,  as  well as all other
statements  set  forth in this press release which are not historical facts, are
forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause
actual  results  to  differ materially from those set forth in or implied by the
forward-looking  statements.  The Company's forward-looking statements are based
on management's current expectations and unless otherwise noted do not take into
account  the  impact  of  any  future  acquisition, merger or any other business
combination,  divestiture  or  financing that may be completed after the date of
this  release.   Any  projections  of  future  results  of  operations,  and  in
particular,  (i)  the  Company's estimated diluted earnings per share for Second
Quarter  2003,  and  (ii) the Company's estimated diluted earnings per share for
Fiscal  2003,  should  not  be  construed in any manner as a guarantee that such
results  will  in  fact  occur.  In  addition  to the risks and uncertainties of
ordinary  business  operations,  the  forward-looking  statements of the Company
contained  in  this  press  release  are also subject to the following risks and
uncertainties:  the  Company  achieving  certain  sales  projections and meeting
certain  cost  targets;  wholesalers  and  retailers may give higher priority to
products  of  our  competitors;  raw  material  supply,  production  or shipment
difficulties  could  adversely  affect  our  ability  to  supply  our customers;
increased  competitive  activities  in  the  form  of  pricing,  advertising and
promotions could adversely impact consumer demand for our products and/or result
in  higher than expected selling, general and administrative expenses; a general
decline  in  alcohol consumption; increases in federal and state excise taxes on
beverage  alcohol  products;  changes in foreign exchange rates.  For additional
information  about  risks  and  uncertainties  that  could  adversely affect the
Company's forward-looking statements, please refer to the Company's filings with
the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its Annual Report on Form 10-K
for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2002.

     Constellation  Brands,  Inc. is a leader in the production and marketing of
beverage alcohol brands in North America and the United Kingdom and is a leading
independent  drinks  wholesaler  in  the  United  Kingdom. As the second largest
supplier  of  wine,  the  second  largest importer of beer and the third largest
supplier  of  distilled  spirits,  Constellation  is  the  largest single-source
supplier  of  these  products  in  the  United  States.  In  the United Kingdom,
Constellation  is a leading marketer of wine and the second largest producer and
marketer  of cider.  With its broad product portfolio, Constellation believes it
is  distinctly positioned to satisfy an array of consumer preferences across all
beverage  alcohol  categories.   Leading  brands  in  Constellation's  portfolio
include:  Franciscan  Oakville Estate, Simi, Estancia, Ravenswood, Corona Extra,
Modelo  Especial,  St.  Pauli  Girl, Almaden, Arbor Mist, Talus, Vendange, Alice
White,  Black  Velvet,  Fleischmann's,  Schenley, Ten High, Stowells of Chelsea,
Blackthorn and K.

                            CONFERENCE CALL DETAILS
     A  conference  call  to  discuss  the  quarterly  results will be hosted by
Richard  Sands,  Chairman  and CEO, and Tom Summer, Executive Vice President and
CFO,  on  Thursday, June 27, 2002, at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern).  The conference call
can  be  accessed  by  dialing 412-858-4600.  A live listen-only web cast of the
conference  call  is  available  on  the  Internet  at Constellation's web site:
www.cbrands.com  under "Investor Information."  If you are unable to participate
in  the conference call, there will be a replay available on Constellation's web
site or by dialing (877) 344-7529 or (412) 858-1440 from approximately 1:30 p.m.
(Eastern)  on  Thursday,  June 27, 2002, through 12:00 a.m. (Eastern) on Friday,
July 12, 2002.

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                                 (in thousands)

                                               May 31, 2002    February 28, 2002
                                               ------------    -----------------
  Cash and cash investments                    $      6,564       $      8,961
  Accounts receivable, net                          420,853            383,922
  Inventories, net                                  767,722            777,586
  Prepaid expenses and other current assets          64,905             60,779
                                               ------------       ------------
    Total current assets                          1,260,044          1,231,248
PROPERTY, PLANT AND EQUIPMENT, net                  580,211            578,764
GOODWILL                                            707,050            668,083
OTHER INTANGIBLE ASSETS, net                        379,996            425,987
OTHER ASSETS                                        169,133            165,303
                                               ------------       ------------
  Total assets                                 $  3,096,434       $  3,069,385
                                               ============       ============

  Notes payable                                $     32,335       $     54,775
  Current maturities of long-term debt               84,053             81,609
  Accounts payable                                  140,803            153,433
  Accrued excise taxes                               46,129             60,238
  Other accrued expenses and liabilities            295,577            245,155
                                               ------------       ------------
    Total current liabilities                       598,897            595,210
LONG-TERM DEBT, less current maturities           1,279,183          1,293,183
DEFERRED INCOME TAXES                               146,804            163,146
OTHER LIABILITIES                                    62,459             62,110
STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY                              1,009,091            955,736
                                               ------------       ------------
  Total liabilities and stockholders' equity   $  3,096,434       $  3,069,385
                                               ============       ============

                                   CONSTELLATION BRANDS, INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES
                                 CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF INCOME (a)
                                    (in thousands, except per share data)

                                                                                               Comparable (b)
                                           Three Months     Three Months                 Three Months
                                              Ended              Ended       Percent        Ended           Percent
                                           May 31, 2002     May 31, 2001     Change      May 31, 2001       Change
                                           ------------     ------------     -------     ------------       -------
Gross sales                                $    859,011     $    788,880         9%      $    788,880            9%
Excise taxes                                   (210,070)        (193,664)        8%          (193,664)           8%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
Net sales                                       648,941          595,216         9%           595,216            9%
Cost of product sold                           (473,667)        (442,541)        7%          (442,541)           7%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
    Gross profit                                175,274          152,675        15%           152,675           15%
Selling, general and administrative
  expenses                                      (89,309)         (82,752)        8%           (76,398)          17%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
    Operating income                             85,965           69,923        23%            76,277           13%
Equity in earnings of joint venture               2,739             -           n/a              -              n/a
Interest expense, net                           (27,141)         (30,185)      -10%           (30,185)         -10%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
    Income before income taxes                   61,563           39,738        55%            46,092           34%
Provision for income taxes                      (24,194)         (15,895)       52%           (17,976)          35%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
    Net income                             $     37,369     $     23,843        57%      $     28,116           33%
                                           ============     ============                 ============

Earnings per common share:
    Basic                                  $       0.42     $       0.29        45%      $       0.34           24%
    Diluted                                $       0.40     $       0.28        43%      $       0.33           21%
Weighted average common shares
    Basic                                        88,845           82,508         8%            82,508            8%
    Diluted                                      92,353           85,051         9%            85,051            9%

Segment Information:
Net sales:
    Imported Beer and Spirits
      Imported beer                        $    198,440     $    173,462        14%      $    173,462           14%
      Spirits                                    72,013           68,271         5%            68,271            5%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
        Net sales                          $    270,453     $    241,733        12%      $    241,733           12%
    Popular and Premium Wine
      Branded                              $    149,602     $    148,819         1%      $    148,819            1%
      Other                                      13,873           17,238       -20%            17,238          -20%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
        Net sales                          $    163,475     $    166,057        -2%      $    166,057           -2%
    U.K. Brands and Wholesale
      Branded                              $     54,662     $     53,206         3%      $     53,206            3%
      Wholesale                                 132,134          115,006        15%           115,006           15%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
          Net sales                        $    186,796     $    168,212        11%      $    168,212           11%
    Fine Wine                              $     34,756     $     24,852        40%      $     24,852           40%
    Intersegment eliminations              $     (6,539)    $     (5,638)       16%      $     (5,638)          16%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
Consolidated net sales                     $    648,941     $    595,216         9%      $    595,216            9%
                                           ============     ============                 ============

Operating income:
    Imported Beer and Spirits              $     54,421     $     44,051        24%      $     46,068           18%
    Popular and Premium Wine                     16,869           15,395        10%            17,178           -2%
    U.K. Brands and Wholesale                    10,263            8,853        16%            10,338           -1%
    Fine Wine                                    11,706            7,048        66%             8,117           44%
    Corporate Operations                         (7,294)          (5,424)       34%            (5,424)          34%
                                           ------------     ------------                 ------------
Consolidated operating income              $     85,965     $     69,923        23%      $     76,277           13%
                                           ============     ============                 ============

(a)  Reflects  the  adoption  of  EITF  Issue  No. 01-09.  Prior-period has been
reclassified to comply with this guidance.

(b)  Adjusted  to  exclude  amortization  of  goodwill  and  indefinite  lived
intangible assets under SFAS No. 142.


     Pursuant  to  the  requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the
Registrant  has  duly  caused  this  report  to  be  signed on its behalf by the
undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

Dated:  June 26, 2002                      CONSTELLATION BRANDS, INC.

                                           By: /s/ Thomas S. Summer
                                               Thomas S. Summer, Executive Vice
                                               President and Chief Financial

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