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Item 8.01
Other Events.
Hurricane Matthew has impacted Florida and South Carolina, states in which Federated National Insurance Company (“Federated National”) writes property insurance.  Federated National has deployed the appropriate resources to the affected areas to best serve our policyholders in their time of need. 

Federated National currently estimates that its aggregate gross liabilities as a result of Hurricane Matthew, which will be paid out in the coming months, will be approximately $77 million.   Federated National believes that its losses, net of reinsurance, should not exceed $18.45 million and may be as low as $8 million.
Hurricane Matthew impacted Florida on Thursday, October 6, 2016 and Friday, October 7, 2016 as a Category 4 hurricane.  The storm bands affected most of Florida, with the most extreme conditions being on the state's east coast.  Federated National's initial loss estimate in Florida is $75 million in gross losses, with $18.45 million in net losses retained after credit for reinsurance.  This loss estimate is well below our total first event reinsurance protection limit of $1.58 billion. 
Hurricane Matthew also impacted South Carolina on Saturday, October 8, 2016 as a Category 2 hurricane.  Federated National's initial loss estimate in South Carolina is $2 million in gross losses.  Federated National's losses in South Carolina are covered as part of Federated National's reinsurance program that also covers Florida, as described above, and in addition has a separate reinsurance agreement to cover losses incurred outside of Florida from $8 million to $18.45 million. 
Although Hurricane Matthew impacted multiple states, Federated National's total net retention should not increase beyond $18.45 million because Federated National has obtained a separate reinsurance agreement covering states other than Florida.  The combined effect of this additional separate reinsurance agreement to Federated National’s reinsurance program could potentially, though not probable, reduce Federated National's net losses from the storm in all states to as low as $8 million, depending on the level of losses outside of Florida. 
Monarch National Insurance Company’s losses in connection to this hurricane are currently expected to be immaterial.


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Date: October 11, 2016
By:   /s/  Michael H. Braun
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